About Us

About Us

3+ years of experiences to give you better result.

We are an independent ICT Solutions firm that specializes in state of the art digital solutions. Our main areas of operation range from Web applications development, E-learning solutions, Consultancy services, and Supplies. We work in the public and private sector including projects for charities. We proactively serve clients who have challenging ICT concerns by providing them with independent and professional advice, skills, resources and support to overcome the challenge cost-effectively and with minimal risk. Over the years we have cultivated a culture of keeping our clients first. We listen and deliver beyond our customer expectations. Our focus has always been giving our clients professional, scalable and sustainable solutions that never compromise on quality and industry standards.
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Personalized Assistance

Bring to the table win-win survival strategy to ensure growth.

We want to be part of your establishment and to show you how we can save you time, money and improve your ICT, so we offer all first-time prospective clients a free consultation providing a brief report outlining how we can assist you. Whether you have operational problems or you simply need your IT processes to deliver more efficiently, we will listen carefully to your issue, then provide expert support and guidance entirely customized to your situation.
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Our Approach & Strategy

Our solid conviction is that if a business is to be upgraded, it's to be streamlined.

Every business is different and therefore faces unique challenges on questions of IT infrastructure. What’s the best way to ensure our online presence? Are there potential security leaks on your company information systems? Do you need online training platform? Is there any security risk that can lead to data loss? For some businesses, the answers to such questions can be quite complex – for others, they might be solved in a single phone call. In either case, they needn’t be daunting.

As an ICT solutions firm comprised of passionate IT consultants, Fixbay is well-equipped to advise on any of your concerns or requirements, working with you to propose solutions that are in close alignment with your business goals.